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That’s what were told from the time that we begin to understand language…..right? Do the right thing. This has been bothering me lately….a lot. I guess because the abuse of our “take advantage” mentality of today. Doing the right thing has never turned out to be in my best financial interest. It’s been the exact opposite, but it’s something so deeply ingrained into my soul, that I can do nothing less.

I live in Texas. At one time in my life, I wanted to move back to the small town that I’m from. The place that taught me all about personal responsibility and doing the right thing. I was able to get a decent paying job. My wife, who actually completed her college degree and was actually more accomplished in her career, couldn’t find employment to save her life. Well to be fair, my grandmother did offer her a job in my uncle’s liquor store. At my job, there was this certain lady that I worked with. She had been passed up for a promotion into my position, even though I found her to be every bit as qualified as I. She had been there for some years and had a great relationship with her fellow workers, she had a great attitude, she did her job well, yet I came to see that no matter what she did, she was never going to get the respect of our supervisors. The whole experience sat so badly with me that I ended up quitting and moving back to the big city where my wife, and one day my daughter, would have a better chance for living out their dreams.

Not that the big city is full of people who do the right thing. At one point I ended up getting a job with a government contractor. I could not have been more excited about landing this job. It was over a six figure salary and I thought it was my opportunity to use my skills for something exciting. Five months later, I quit in disgust, totally defeated. I went in everyday for five months begging for something to do. When given nothing, I went about cleaning, organizing, doing any and every little menial thing I could get my hands on just for something to do. I quit once and let them talk me into coming back for a couple of weeks. Basically they told me that they had this position funded and they needed it staffed so they wouldn’t lose the money. I was told that sooner or later they’d find something for me to do. Meanwhile I would walk around this place and find tons of people all sleeping at their desks. Was this the right thing to do? I couldn’t take it anymore. It was like going to prison everyday and I quit without a job to go to next.

One of my wonder fb “friends” of my old real self once started a post about that stupid town that named one of their streets Justin Beiber way. I made some comment like….”what, is the city council made up of all 13 year old girls?” I didn’t realize that they had made some girl mayor for the day. When this was explained to me, I made the comment that it was too bad she didn’t do something more meaningful like maybe have a coat drive for the homeless or feed the needy day. I GOT SLAYED by this guy for even suggesting such a thing. This guy got totally indignant and was making some pretty crappy comments to me. I didn’t back down and he ended up deleting the post. I ended up apologizing to him. I had no idea that I would offend him with my simple suggestion.

I’m not saying there is not a time for frivolity….it’s great, it’s fine, but there’s also a time for serious. I can sit by as people post about Dancing with the Stars or some sporting event or any other thing that I could care less about, but if I dare to get serious about anything, I’m chastised and talked down to.

These examples could go on and on. I just wonder what kind of selfish, self-absorbed society we’ve become. All I have to do is watch facebook and it’s on display in all it’s glory for the whole world to see….everyday. I’m really thinking that I can’t go back to that. I don’t want to go back to that.


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November 18, 2011 at 11:47 am

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