The Fakebook Experiment

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It’s been almost 72 hours since I deactivated my profile on facebook and created my alter identity. I admin a couple of groups that I transferred over to my wife so that they wouldn’t disappear. When creating my new identity, I liked all the same stuff I liked on my previous real profile. I started poking around “liking” some friends posts and I even sent a couple of them friend requests. The first one to respond was someone for whom I already had a lot of respect. He immediately accepted my friend request, then caught me on chat –

    • Hello!

    • hey <retracted>!

    • Good morning? May I ask what your name is?

    • whoops! That should say “Good morning!”

    • sure…I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. Any guess (don’t worry…I’ll tell you)

    • No clue!

    • oh….well there you go….this is <retracted>…know who am I now?

    • nope!

    • it was pointed out to me that I was sounding “angry” on my real profile so I deleted it.

    • <name retracted again>

    • hahaha!

    • who told you that?

    • and what’s wrong with angry??

    • someone I work with said it wasn’t good for business

    • Ah!

    • exactly!!!!!!

    • what is wrong with angry?

    • just reason 5 million 562 that I love you man

    • I stay pissed about half the time

    • ha! Thanks!

    • I’m just going through a weird time I guess

    • Well hang in there..don’t let the bastards get you down

    • I’m trying to keep my head up

    • yep..been there.

    • it’s tough sometimes to feel that no one understands

    • but I know that you and that’s why you’re the first friend I added under my made up identity

    • I’m flattered.

    • my son wants to play a game with me….so I should go play before I take him to school.

    • cool…tty later



Written by fakebookexperiment

November 11, 2011 at 4:08 pm

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